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We are stock suppliers in garden wood such as Bankirai hardwood and wood types such as Europian oak and douglasfir. In addition to the garden timber, there is also a large assortment of construction wood for the construction / ground, road and water construction such as bridge deck parts and sheet piling. Our customers have access to more than 5000 ready-to-use products. Some examples of our timber products are decking boards, fence boards and poles. With a thorough control system with strict standards, we carry out a detailed quality control every day, so that the customer always has optimum access to our high-quality wood stock. You can think of oak with a rustic look for building a pool house or a nice fence of douglashout. Layers, fences, fences, sheetings - sheet piles, porches, pergolas, garden sheds, carports, bridges. We also sell chestnut and robinia wood poles and sheets. We can also offer you a wide range of possibilities in wood composite, such as wood composite decking and fences.